Greek Hotels

One of the coolest projects that we worked on were hotel rooms in Mykonos, Greece. If you go to Mykonos, it is a lot like Santorini. They create these amazing buildings that are decked in white stone that is meant to be reflective and really allow the sun to shine over the island itself. It also gives off this vibe that isn’t so much tropical, but in fact angelic and allows the white to really shine through the city.

One of the best parts about the way the buildings are designed in Mykonos is that everything always looks so clean. The island towns themselves end up looking quite secular and everything feels to small and compact, but in a great way. It makes you feel really at home and as if you always know where you are and where you need to be.

That is why when we needed to create this hotel, we wanted to create it with the same spirit these buildings in Mykonos have. We wanted to make sure that the building was created and surrounded with these amazing white stones, without looking like it was carved with the same rock. That is what really made it stand out compared to other hotels.

We decided to use rocks, but not in terms of bricks. Rather, they looked like these amazing reflective white stones that were cobbled together with pure white cement, giving the entire building this sun reflective look that cannot be matched. For some of the roofing, they actually used Adelaide tiling companies to help!

We were so proud of this design. We really felt that we created this unique building that encapsulated the spirit of Mykonos and Greece, while surrounding it with this amazing look of an established hotel. I think that is what really separated it from the rest. Otherwise, it would have just been another hotel and another building in Mykonos.

London Shared Offices

One of the most popular office trends within the last 5 years are shared working offices. With a shared working office, you will have multiple companies working under the same office building and usually because the companies have so few people working together, you will see all of these companies interacting, sharing ideas and discussing the industry if they are in the same markets, even if they are competitors.

With these shared offices it wouldn’t be that shocking to see 50 to 100 companies all working under the same roof. This of course must get very confusing when you start looking at the schedule around lunch time and especially the gyms if the offices have one. But again, this is something that isn’t very surprising, and you’ll often see this happen.

Shared offices are quite enjoyable to create and manage, however. You really do have general freedom over the look of the office, even if you have 0 input in the overall layout. You cannot dictate anything regarding the layout of the inside of the office due to the need to fit so many people and so many different companies under the same office, while still giving them their “own location”.

In fact, the layout aspect of the design is the most disappointing part. Because you cannot really control how the office will be in terms of the lay out, there is very little that you can do when it comes to being creative to fit more space or add specifics and furnishings that you may want to.

However, you really do not need a lot of space to be different. You can still create unique designs and make a building look like its own without having a whole lot of inside space. That is part of what makes being a great designer work. You can always find space where you need it.

We actually used the help of Accountants to plan and budget this project, so I would highly recommend you do so if you are taking on a project of a similar size.

Turkish Hubs

One of the largest projects that we undertook was a group of Turkish hubs around Turkey. When I say Turkish hubs, I mean literal buildings that had buildings inside of them. It’s not as silly as it sounds. Rather, it is like small, square mall for traders and market stall owners to sell their wares.

One of the cooler things about creating Turkish hubs is the overall freedom you have in the creativity and expression with the design. Because it’s within a cultural theme, you would not be silly to think that you will have a general design to follow. And while that is partially correct, it’s closer to say that there is an overall design that you can derive inspiration from that you could start your design with.

One of the cooler things regarding this project was that because there was a few of these hubs to create, we could be even more creative about the design of the finished project. Instead of using the same theme and design for all the hubs, we could treat them as unique and create different designs for each hub.

Overall, there were four to create, and we didn’t even stick to the open-air design for them all. We decided that three would be open air, and one would have a circular roof to follow. This is part of what made the project so enjoyable for us.

We allowed everyone in the team to decide part of their own influence. They were allowed their own suggestions on what each hub would look like from the colour to the furniture and furnishings that would surround them. This was our most fun building project, but we have had the opportunity to participate in many projects like this. They are relatively large, and they give us the freedom to collectively design rather than follow what is basically a script.

Similar to other projects, we used the help of Accountants to budget this project!

Singapore Office

Singapore has become one of the world destinations for amazing office blocks thanks to their increase in business and trading around the world. Alongside becoming a powerhouse in international trade, there has been a boom in terms of the office space purchased and renovated. In addition, there has been a significant amount of land that has been bought and commercial new builds have been the focus of this land.

Thanks to this, many companies from around the world that specialise in commercial new builds were commissioned to create many of these buildings. Most of these buildings are skyscraper form buildings, and a lot of the companies commissioned were used as support to the main building and construction contractors. Blueprint were lucky enough to be one of the companies that had the chance to assist in the building and construction of these skyscrapers.

Many of the trade employees never had the chance to work on anything larger than a 30-story building, let alone a skyscraper. So, there were many amazed tradesmen the day we were commissioned to help on those skyscrapers! While we don’t imagine that there are many readers here who have been in a sky scraper let alone have the chance to work on one, you can’t really describe the feeling standing on top of an exposed roof when you are hundreds of feet above the world!

There is something that is amazing about the idea of working within the industry for commercial properties in Singapore. There is such a unique way to construct buildings there, and there are many commercial properties that have yet to be developed which will look amazing come the day they are built! Hopefully, a few more companies apart from Blue Valor to have the chance to work on a project like this, as it really boosts the experience of workers around Australia.

Use the help of a Digital Marketing Agency to really promote any projects that you create.

Blueprint Valor Group

Blueprint is dedicated towards showing the best houses that Australian owned companies have built within the past 10 years. With the increasing popularity of new build homes throughout the last 10 years, there have been more opportunities for Australian run building and construction companies to build new residential and commercial properties for people all over the world. This can include anything from homeowners in Europe to commercial property owners in Brazil.

This increase in both commercial and residential new builds have provided Australian companies multiple chances and projects that they could undertake around the world to both boost their own reputation within the trade or increase the overall capital of their business for other projects. The increase in potential projects for Australians worldwide is beneficial for everyone. It helps stimulate the Australian market while providing high quality services to the original purchasers.

Alongside this, it gives fellow Australian tradesmen such as carpenters, plasterers and others the chance to expand their horizons and broaden their experience. Due to the amount of exposure to different architecture and cultures, it gives everyone the chance to find new ways to build a great home or customise and adapt any potential design that they hadn’t experienced before.

Work experience abroad is also a great way to increase the skill set of any tradesperson that hasn’t had the chance to work with influences from other locations. You should not be surprised to learn that some countries have different techniques for their trades than others. But a lot of the time, the devil is in the detail with these techniques. You can use them to adapt to your own skillset and find yourself growing more experienced and better at what you do before you even realise it.

There are always new things to learn, and there has never been a better time!

We also use Financial Planner advice to structure our budgeting strategies, so shout out to them!