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Singapore Office

Singapore has become one of the world destinations for amazing office blocks thanks to their increase in business and trading around the world. Alongside becoming a powerhouse in international trade, there has been a boom in terms of the office space purchased and renovated. In addition, there has been a significant amount of land that has been bought and commercial new builds have been the focus of this land.

Thanks to this, many companies from around the world that specialise in commercial new builds were commissioned to create many of these buildings. Most of these buildings are skyscraper form buildings, and a lot of the companies commissioned were used as support to the main building and construction contractors. Blueprint were lucky enough to be one of the companies that had the chance to assist in the building and construction of these skyscrapers.

Many of the trade employees never had the chance to work on anything larger than a 30-story building, let alone a skyscraper. So, there were many amazed tradesmen the day we were commissioned to help on those skyscrapers! While we don’t imagine that there are many readers here who have been in a sky scraper let alone have the chance to work on one, you can’t really describe the feeling standing on top of an exposed roof when you are hundreds of feet above the world!

There is something that is amazing about the idea of working within the industry for commercial properties in Singapore. There is such a unique way to construct buildings there, and there are many commercial properties that have yet to be developed which will look amazing come the day they are built! Hopefully, a few more companies apart from Blue Valor to have the chance to work on a project like this, as it really boosts the experience of workers around Australia.

Blueprint Valor Group

Blueprint is dedicated towards showing the best houses that Australian owned companies have built within the past 10 years. With the increasing popularity of new build homes throughout the last 10 years, there have been more opportunities for Australian run building and construction companies to build new residential and commercial properties for people all over the world. This can include anything from homeowners in Europe to commercial property owners in Brazil.

This increase in both commercial and residential new builds have provided Australian companies multiple chances and projects that they could undertake around the world to both boost their own reputation within the trade or increase the overall capital of their business for other projects. The increase in potential projects for Australians worldwide is beneficial for everyone. It helps stimulate the Australian market while providing high quality services to the original purchasers.

Alongside this, it gives fellow Australian tradesmen such as carpenters, plasterers and others the chance to expand their horizons and broaden their experience. Due to the amount of exposure to different architecture and cultures, it gives everyone the chance to find new ways to build a great home or customise and adapt any potential design that they hadn’t experienced before.

Work experience abroad is also a great way to increase the skill set of any tradesperson that hasn’t had the chance to work with influences from other locations. You should not be surprised to learn that some countries have different techniques for their trades than others. But a lot of the time, the devil is in the detail with these techniques. You can use them to adapt to your own skillset and find yourself growing more experienced and better at what you do before you even realise it.

There are always new things to learn, and there has never been a better time!