Turkish Hubs

One of the largest projects that we undertook was a group of Turkish hubs around Turkey. When I say Turkish hubs, I mean literal buildings that had buildings inside of them. It’s not as silly as it sounds. Rather, it is like small, square mall for traders and market stall owners to sell their wares.

One of the cooler things about creating Turkish hubs is the overall freedom you have in the creativity and expression with the design. Because it’s within a cultural theme, you would not be silly to think that you will have a general design to follow. And while that is partially correct, it’s closer to say that there is an overall design that you can derive inspiration from that you could start your design with.

One of the cooler things regarding this project was that because there was a few of these hubs to create, we could be even more creative about the design of the finished project. Instead of using the same theme and design for all the hubs, we could treat them as unique and create different designs for each hub.

Overall, there were four to create, and we didn’t even stick to the open-air design for them all. We decided that three would be open air, and one would have a circular roof to follow. This is part of what made the project so enjoyable for us.

We allowed everyone in the team to decide part of their own influence. They were allowed their own suggestions on what each hub would look like from the colour to the furniture and furnishings that would surround them. This was our most fun building project, but we have had the opportunity to participate in many projects like this. They are relatively large, and they give us the freedom to collectively design rather than follow what is basically a script.

Similar to other projects, we used the help of Accountants to budget this project!

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