London Shared Offices

One of the most popular office trends within the last 5 years are shared working offices. With a shared working office, you will have multiple companies working under the same office building and usually because the companies have so few people working together, you will see all of these companies interacting, sharing ideas and discussing the industry if they are in the same markets, even if they are competitors.

With these shared offices it wouldn’t be that shocking to see 50 to 100 companies all working under the same roof. This of course must get very confusing when you start looking at the schedule around lunch time and especially the gyms if the offices have one. But again, this is something that isn’t very surprising, and you’ll often see this happen.

Shared offices are quite enjoyable to create and manage, however. You really do have general freedom over the look of the office, even if you have 0 input in the overall layout. You cannot dictate anything regarding the layout of the inside of the office due to the need to fit so many people and so many different companies under the same office, while still giving them their “own location”.

In fact, the layout aspect of the design is the most disappointing part. Because you cannot really control how the office will be in terms of the lay out, there is very little that you can do when it comes to being creative to fit more space or add specifics and furnishings that you may want to.

However, you really do not need a lot of space to be different. You can still create unique designs and make a building look like its own without having a whole lot of inside space. That is part of what makes being a great designer work. You can always find space where you need it.

We actually used the help of Accountants to plan and budget this project, so I would highly recommend you do so if you are taking on a project of a similar size.

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