Greek Hotels

One of the coolest projects that we worked on were hotel rooms in Mykonos, Greece. If you go to Mykonos, it is a lot like Santorini. They create these amazing buildings that are decked in white stone that is meant to be reflective and really allow the sun to shine over the island itself. It also gives off this vibe that isn’t so much tropical, but in fact angelic and allows the white to really shine through the city.

One of the best parts about the way the buildings are designed in Mykonos is that everything always looks so clean. The island towns themselves end up looking quite secular and everything feels to small and compact, but in a great way. It makes you feel really at home and as if you always know where you are and where you need to be.

That is why when we needed to create this hotel, we wanted to create it with the same spirit these buildings in Mykonos have. We wanted to make sure that the building was created and surrounded with these amazing white stones, without looking like it was carved with the same rock. That is what really made it stand out compared to other hotels.

We decided to use rocks, but not in terms of bricks. Rather, they looked like these amazing reflective white stones that were cobbled together with pure white cement, giving the entire building this sun reflective look that cannot be matched. For some of the roofing, they actually used Adelaide tiling companies to help!

We were so proud of this design. We really felt that we created this unique building that encapsulated the spirit of Mykonos and Greece, while surrounding it with this amazing look of an established hotel. I think that is what really separated it from the rest. Otherwise, it would have just been another hotel and another building in Mykonos.

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